Sunday, March 27, 2011

Increase Enquiries – Increasing the Value of Your Home Will Increase Your Equity

Probably the smallest amount of text you will write in your entire holiday rental advert, the headline can be one of the most difficult. It is also the most important. Get it right and you will receive regular and constant enquires, get it wrong and you’ll be left scratching you head as to why no one wants to book.

With only a limited amount of words you need to make you headline stand out from all the others. It needs to be compelling yet informative at the same time; using keywords that guest will be drawn to when they are searching.

Don’t be afraid of being bold and creative in your statement, using descriptive words will help to paint an instant picture and can mean the difference between them clicking to view you advert or passing over you to the next one.

Including popular attractions, activities or amenities is a sure fire way to capture a visitors attentions.

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