Friday, December 25, 2009

Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels ?

There are lots of reasons why vacation rentals are better than hotels – Some reasons are given below that’s might be helpful you for your next trip.

It is cheaper. It is cheaper for both sides, per head and per room and also it is cheap if you go during the off season, which is nearly 50% off on normal rate. I think this is the main reason why it is better tan hotel.

More space – Here I am not telling exactly about the area. Generally Hotel rooms are designed to put customer’s in , out, luggage, sleep and stay but vacation rentals are designed to be a home as yours. You can feel more combatable.

Pets – Pets are so familiar. Many vacation rental owners are allow pets, just you need ask about their restrictions, but which is not possible in hotels.

More Amenities – many hotels are offer so many amenities fr which you will pay more, but you just cannot beat the amenities in a vacation rental.

Kitchen - You can spend for one night/day, or you can take that money to the grocery store and feed them for a week and these facilities you can get only from vacation rental not from hotel.

Library - Most vacation homes will also have some toys for the kids, puzzles, board games, and for the adults a small to medium library where to choose from.

All the conveniences of home - Vacation homes are homes away from home. They often have internet access, board games and pool tables which can be a nice distraction should the weather turn bad.

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