Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Vacations Are Necessary ?

I want to share with you why vacations are necessary. There are so many reasons why vacations feel good, and it is good for us in so many different ways. On a health level, vacations are like a very good medicine, allowing you to de-stress your body and mind before they blow.

“An ideal vacation should eliminate stress, encourage relaxation and provide opportunities for rejuvenation, making the benefits of the experience immeasurable."
From a career perspective, while many employees fear taking a vacation will set them back, the opposite is actually true. Vacations are necessary for you to be productive and efficient at work.

The point of a vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself, yet many of us get so bogged down with the details, the expectations and the mindset of having the “perfect” trip that we created undue stress. In fact, a full 50 percent of Americans say that they need two days to “unwind” from their vacations, and the other 50 percent need even longer, according to the Families and Work Institute study.

For a employee/employer vacations is so necessary. It is too difficult for a person to make plan for a break from his/her busy schedule, but unfortunately it is too necessary for change the environment.

In the world of super high recruiting costs and high powered staff retention programs, you’d think some employers would realize that time freedom is a key issue for employees.
But the fact that even thought from that much of programs you can take a short brake like you can take a vacation at the same time and rejoin your daily schedule. Which one is nice ?

Today's productivity culture is a major factor why people let their vacation time go to waste, but the main reason is a person might not use all his vacation time is because he wants to accrue time for extended leaves and a vacations usually cost more money.

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